Here is a list of required and optional items for a running holiday. Please feel free to ask us if you are unsure about any item of equipment, but as always it is a good idea to have used all your basic equipment before your holiday - especially shoes and clothing. 


Running holiday insurance -

GHIC card - please ensure it is still valid (in date)


Two pairs trainers - a good amount of cushioning is recommended as trails tend to be rocky and hard packed

Compeed or blister plasters, talc can be quite good - vaseline may also be useful

Running tops - long and short sleeve 

Running shorts

Running Socks - good quality ones!

Running longs in case of cooler weather

Waterproof top - lightweight  (and bring bottoms if you have them just in case) 
Jacket - warm for evening

Drinking bottles x 2 or camelback type reservoir, enough for up to 1.5 litres

Running pack or large bum bag or running vest (enough to carry light waterproof, fleece layer, packed lunch, 1.5 litre of fluid

Suncream + lipsalve

Sun cap

Sun glasses

Buff and thin gloves

Euros for cafe visits

Basic First Aid Kit - tape and dressings are useful - as are tweezers!

  • Poles - lightweight running ones - you need a pack to be able to carry them
  • calf compression supports are quite a good idea  - they can stop some of the prickly vegetation irritating you on some of the runs
  • arm warmers (cycling style) 
  • gilet style windproof (these are very compact)
  • emergency gels - although most people never use them they are a good backup
  • drink tabs to add to your water - although cordial is fine and the mountain water tastes great on it own
  • pain killers/anti-inflammatory just in case - co-codomol are a good option
  • camera
  • GPS/Garmin