Paths and Mountain Passes are part the the history of Spain and the area around Abdet has many hidden gems. The Camí de Mela path can be found on the walk to the lime kiln

Not so long ago, in the times of our grandparents, there were no roads like the ones we drive on today with motorized vehicles, people had to use bridlepaths or mule tracks to get from one place to another. These paths connected different villages and were also used to go up the mountains to gather esparto grass, palm tree roots and firewood and to hunt or to herd livestock, and especially to access the crops.

Paths and Mountain Passes in Spain

The region's abrupt landscape made it necessary to adapt its paths to facilitate the passing of pack animals, such as donkeys and mules, essential for farming tasks. This is the case of the Camí de Mela path, where stretches like this one, with great differences in level, made it necessary to make a zig-zagging route with dry walls, steps and surfaces. The Camí de Mela path, also known as Camí de Famorca, permitted access from the village of L'Abdet to many of the farming lands in the Corral Fondo, Mela and Solana de Serrella areas, and also to the important Mela flour mill. It also provided direct access to the Seta Valley, through the pass which crosses the magnificent Serrella mountains.

Ancient mule tracks in Spain