The abrupt limestone crags on the north side of the Sierra d'Aitana mountain range are home to numerous water springs, known throughout the valley since ancient times, such as the Font de Partegat, one of the most popular. Its origins may be found at the fountain's highest point, where a chaotic accumulation of rock debris of various sizes drains rainwater through its cracks. These rocks, deposited over millions of years , have formed a great aquifer which is confined by a waterproof bed of loam that prevents water from infiltrating into deeper layers of earth . Thus its waters flow through rocks and gravel, and eventually makes its way towards the surface and up to the spring we know today. Thus, the Partegat font has flowed for centuries, and together with the L'Arbre, El Molí and Forata fonts, continues to supply the valley towns with its waters.

font de partagat


You can visit these springs on the Sierra Aitana Ridge Walk